Welcome to The Way’s blog!

An online destination where luxury counseling meets accessibility! Here you will be the first to find content supporting our philosophical ideology, tips and techniques to achieve inner peace, how-to clips and videos, informative content from experts, and much more.

About The Way

We are the premier luxury counseling service. Our counselors are the most effective at producing results in our clients. Our goal is to provide experiences that are guaranteed to help you achieve inner peace. We utilize three tactics to get you there:

  1. Restoration (Past) – We restore and reform your previous traumas.
  2. Alignment (Present) – We bring you strength and align you to the present.
  3. New Beginnings (Future) – We motivate and give you the tools to carve your new path.


About Jordan James, Founder of The Way

Jordan has studied Christian Theology and, for 10 years, been a professional in personal development. He did one-on-one missionary work and started giving personal healing speeches 5 years ago. Realizing he wanted to increase his outreach and address four key demographics- terminal patients, people who are passing, incarcerated individuals, struggling families- he created The Way.

Unlike other organizations, Jordan created a luxury counseling service that has an open-arms policy. In other words, all those in need of our top quality products and services are able to access them. Moreover, community and non-profit organizations receive our products for free! Jordan is dedicated to aid anyone and everyone achieve inner peace.


What’s Coming

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming innovative and motivational content coming your way!

Also check out The Way’s website: http://www.gotheway.org

You’ll find more information about us and there are free gifts there too!

In the Works                                                                

We are developing:

  • Audios
  • E-books
  • Testimonials
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • A new website- We are revamping our website for a more interactive and engaging experience!

Have a wonderful day and know, with us, you have the tools you need to access pure fulfillment at any time.

I love you.


Take care,

The Way Team


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