The Foundation & Love

The Foundation

In this, and upcoming blogs, we are going to tell you what the foundation of our principles consist of. In other words, the core values of our ideology: what these core values are, what they mean to you, and how they will help you achieve inner peace.

Our Core Values:

  • Love
  • Positivity
  • Faith
  • Focus
  • Strength
  • Discipline
  • Honor
  • Prayer
  • Servant- leadership
  • Team mentality
  • Deliverance
  • The Kingdom


Love: The heart of it all

We are going to start with our essential value, or the foundation our edifice is built upon, love.


What is love?

For all of us who speak upon love, who feel it, who search for it, who yearn it, take a moment to look within yourself. Do you really know what love is? Do you know it’s definition? Can you qualify it?

We can. Love is the unconditional acceptance of your stance, it is the benefit of other people; but most of all, it is the direct realization of what your life means to the reality you are it. It is understanding your reference to your reality.

Who do you love for?

God. You do it for God, for the people who love God, for you because you love God.

Why love? What does it do?

Why should you engage in love, in the feeling of it? Because of what it does. Love merges us. It heightens awareness about the causality of people’s involvement, it merges souls together to the act of prominence, it merges our identities.

It allows us to open people’s eyes, to walk with each other holding each other’s hands. It allows us to walk with focus and have enlightenment about our future and the light around us. We know where we can go because of the love in our heart. Love gives us the light to see the vision to move forward, to have hope. Because hope resigns in the love within our hearts.  

Becoming Love: How to do it and What it means

Foremost, what does it mean to become love? Simply put, it means becoming one or having oneness with God. With dedication and discipline, anyone can do it.

Here’s how to do it:

You have to have an understanding of love first.

  • Open up your heart and make space specifically for love.
  • Throw away all of the detrimental feelings, thoughts, and motivations.
  • Let the love in your heart become you – Point to that love within your heart; that is you.
  • Commit to becoming love – Function as a person who knows, among the other things you are, you are committed to this idea to be love.

When you become love, the phenomenology of oneness with God is transcending. You become affluent with the wealth of ideology, you become rich with love, you transcend to the next level of being.


How to love someone equal to yourself:

First and foremost, you must love yourself. Next, you cannot allow the other person to exist with any confrontational methodology with entitlement attached to them. Now, qualify this other person? Does this person deserve the unconditional love residing in you? If they do, be committed and unconditional in your love with this other person.


How is love seen?

Love is beauty, the light worth walking for, for a few, an obstacle and a danger; but for most, love is the one thing that will anchor them and their grandparents, parents, family, loved ones, and peers to a set of experiences beyond the phenomenological moments themselves.


What does it mean? What does love mean?

Love means life it means legacy. Love is the blue sky and the hope for a divine future. Love is what you make of it. But any meaning that you find for love, it must serve the Kingdom.


Most of all, why is love important?

Because you need it to move forward in the Kingdom, you need it to move forward in life, to serve God, to serve man, and to have the proper perspective to serve within your ministry.  You need to have the proper perspective to move forward, to align yourself with love, to have oneness with God, to complete who you are.


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Have a wonderful day and know, with us, you have the tools you need to access pure fulfillment at any time.


                                                    Image result for heartsI love you. Image result for hearts



Take Care,

The Way Team



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